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Welcome to Quasar. You are a highly valued Travel Partner, and we look forward to hosting your clients. This page is designed to make you fully aware of the terms, conditions and policies governing your client’s participation on our Galapagos cruises, Patagonia adventures and/or Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina and Colombia tours, so that your clients may enjoy a safe and fulfilling trip of a lifetime. It is also a legal document that requires your careful attention. By paying a deposit to book a Quasar trip, a contractual relationship is established between Quasar, you, and your client, in which all Quasar terms & conditions apply.

Quasar's terms & conditions are readily available to you via our Terms & Conditions page found at https://www.quasarex.com/terms-conditions. By making an initial deposit, you, and your clients are indicating your acceptance of these terms, conditions & policies. The policies described in our Terms & Conditions page, the policies below, and in combination with the completed, dated and signed Registration Form(s) along with the invoice and other applicable documents mentioned in our terms & conditions, constitute the entire and mutual Agreement which governs the relationship between TUMBACO INC. dba Quasar Expeditions, a Florida USA Corporation located at 7855 N.W. 12th St, Suite 111, Doral, Florida 33126, hereinafter referred to as “Quasar” and you, hereinafter referred to as the "Travel Partner" or “You”.

Accepted Forms of Payment

The following forms of payment are accepted by Quasar:

  • Wires: Wire payment account details will appear on the Travel Partner’s invoice or will be provided upon request to Quasar. Quasar will not absorb any deductions or charges for wires.
  • Veem: Travel Partners can submit payments via Veem, a payment service that offers lower transaction rates than traditional wires and ACH. Details to process payments through Veem will be provided upon request to the Quasar.
  • Credit Cards: All Credit Card transactions have a 3.5% service fee. Details to process payments through Credit Cards will be provided upon request to Quasar.

Bookings are not confirmed until the initial deposit is received. Payments are due in Quasar’s account specified on the Travel Partner’s invoice and should be sent in a timely fashion to arrive by the due date. Failure to comply with any of the above requirements entitles Quasar to cancel the booking and withhold return of all payments received.

Commission Payment Terms

Net Payments: Quasar accepts payments for the net amount of the invoice from our Travel Partners. Gross Payments: If you prefer that your client pays Quasar directly, commissions owed to you will be paid two weeks (at least 10 business days) after your client’s tour has been completed. In order to process the commission payment, Quasar requires you to send us an invoice detailing the amount of the commission and the wire account details. For U.S. Travel Partners, Quasar also requires a copy of the Travel Partner’s W-9 tax form.